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Business Trip to UAE for Education Collaboration

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Business trip - Business Trip to UAE for Education Collaboration

Business trip UAE 1 150x150 - Business Trip to UAE for Education CollaborationThe Chinese are now increasingly looking at the Arab area as a long-term destination to reside and work. The visit of the Chinese President Xi Jinping to the UAE in 2018 has strengthened the relationship between China and UAE as strategic trade, culture, investment and tech partners with positive outcomes. On February 2019, Saudi Arabia and China agreed to include the Chinese language as a curriculum at all stages of education in schools and universities across the Kingdom. On March 2019, the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education announced that they needed 200 qualified Mandarin teachers for 200 public primary schools across the whole country. At present, there are over 4,000 Chinese enterprises in the UAE, including large state-owned enterprises with global influence as well as small and medium enterprises and self-employed enterprises in Dragon Mart in Dubai, and the number is increasing.

As a bridge of connecting China and the MENA region, Qadisha Group is helping Chinese tech companies to integrate the MENA region. During the Spring Festival, Qadisha Group with its partner Maryfah, a top education entrepreneur of Mandarin education, organized a business trip to UAE and visited top companies, universities, schools, education institutions, investors, incubators and the Ministry of Education, aiming at providing an online Mandarin training solution for the scarcity of Mandarin training. During the conversations with the relevant entities, Qadisha Group and Maryfah shared their opinions on the structure of training system, the combination of Chinese telecom technology and local education system, the demands of local students and the design of curriculums. Both parties exchanged their ideas on how to implement the education system to match the local demands and discussed the future collaboration on fund and education resource.