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Business Trip to UAE for Education Collaboration

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Business trip - Business Trip to UAE for Education Collaboration

Business trip UAE 1 150x150 - Business Trip to UAE for Education CollaborationThe Chinese are now increasingly looking at the Arab area as a long-term destination to reside and work. The visit of the Chinese President Xi Jinping to the UAE in 2018 has strengthened the relationship between China and UAE as strategic trade, culture, investment and tech partners with positive outcomes. On February 2019, Saudi Arabia and China agreed to include the Chinese language as a curriculum at all stages of education in schools and universities across the Kingdom. On March 2019, the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education announced that they needed 200 qualified Mandarin teachers for 200 public primary schools across the whole country. At present, there are over 4,000 Chinese enterprises in the UAE, including large state-owned enterprises with global influence as well as small and medium enterprises and self-employed enterprises in Dragon Mart in Dubai, and the number is increasing.

As a bridge of connecting China and the MENA region, Qadisha Group is helping Chinese tech companies to integrate the MENA region. During the Spring Festival, Qadisha Group with its partner Maryfah, a top education entrepreneur of Mandarin education, organized a business trip to UAE and visited top companies, universities, schools, education institutions, investors, incubators and the Ministry of Education, aiming at providing an online Mandarin training solution for the scarcity of Mandarin training. During the conversations with the relevant entities, Qadisha Group and Maryfah shared their opinions on the structure of training system, the combination of Chinese telecom technology and local education system, the demands of local students and the design of curriculums. Both parties exchanged their ideas on how to implement the education system to match the local demands and discussed the future collaboration on fund and education resource.

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Second trip of seeking future cooperation opportunity between MENA and China

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MEVP and JD Group - Second trip of seeking future cooperation opportunity between MENA and China

In the year of 2018, the Chinese governors were working closely together with MENA countries to strengthen their bilateral relations on economy, business, energy and culture collaboration under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative. President Xi Jinping and Vice President Wang Qishan made UAE as their prior country for state visit in this year. This remarkable move indicates the willingness of Chinese government of enhancing its presence in the MENA region, and establishes Comprehensive Strategic Partnership with UAE.

In responding to the nation’s call, Qadisha Group held its second event on its China-MENA Integration Platform, inviting Mr. Rabih I. Khoury to take a 4-day visit in Tianjin and Beijing. Mr. Khoury is the Chief Exit Officer at MEVP, the largest VC firm in the MENA region. In May 2018, Mr. Khoury took part in Qadisha Group’s China-MENA event, during which he had an initial taste of China’s technology eco-system and entrepreneurship. This time, with a better and deeper understanding of China’s current demands and strategies, Mr. Khoury brings more mature proposals and addresses to Qadisha Group’s partners, including Tianjin Financial Investment and Service Group, CDB Capital FoF Management, Zhonglun Law Firm,  GGVCapital, JD Group, Source Code Capital, Orchid and Tuniu, aiming at offering more tailored solutions and guidance of entering the MENA market. During the conversation with these entities, Mr. Khoury gave a presentation on the overall information about MENA region, its population age structure, internet infrastructure and economy potentials, as well as MEVP’s portfolio, investment eco-system and main funding partners. Both parties exchanged ideas on how to facilitate Chinese companies’ expansion to the MENA market and how to build a fund which can help business owners from both China and MENA countries.



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jiuyouhui - 北京九友会小九课栈—睿谷方略对于中小企业资本市场生存之道的经验分享与探索

jiuyouhui talk 1 300x177 - 北京九友会小九课栈—睿谷方略对于中小企业资本市场生存之道的经验分享与探索








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Meeting Chinese SMEs with Jiu You Hui(九友会) part of Jiuding Group(九鼎集团), in Beijing, to talk about capital market, financial methods and valuation

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jiuyouhui - Meeting Chinese SMEs with Jiu You Hui(九友会) part of Jiuding Group(九鼎集团), in Beijing, to talk about capital market, financial methods and valuation

jiuyouhui talk 300x177 - Meeting Chinese SMEs with Jiu You Hui(九友会) part of Jiuding Group(九鼎集团), in Beijing, to talk about capital market, financial methods and valuationOn December 16, 2017, Qadisha Group team was invited by Jiu You Hui(九友会)to attend a sharing event in Beijing.

Based on their past management consulting experience and insights on the future capital market, Mr. Marwan Emile Faddoul and Ms. Xibei Tianyu, share the following two topics:

(1) “Comprehensive introduction of financial methods for enterprises”

(2) “How can SMEs benefit from M&A”,

During the event, Mr. Faddoul and Ms. Xibei gave a comprehensive explanation to the audience that includes: the hot industries to focus on in China, the best financial methods to implement when doing due diligence and company valuation.

In the morning, Mr. Faddoul introduced some common financial methods and gave specific explanation on how to analyze financial statements and evaluate a company. During this process, Mr. Faddoul combined his understanding of the Chinese economy along with his years of consulting experience to put forward his original insights and practical suggestions for SMEs. His suggestions, which received a strong response from the audiences during the lecture were presented through cases implemented by Qadisha Group.

Later, Ms. Xibei interpreted in detail the business canvas and used the Airbnb case as an example to show how to correctly present the value of an enterprise and get the attention of investors.

In the afternoon, Mr. Faddoul raised a specific question and divided all the audiences into five groups in order to let them have a group discussion and give presentations on stage. The atmosphere was successfully mobilized and everyone took an active part in it. Later, taking M&A as the theme, Mr. Faddoul gave an overview of the M&A activities in China, and talked about how SMEs could benefit from these activities and what they should avoid when implemented them.

The lecture ended at around 5:30 p.m. Mr. Marwan Emile Faddoul and Ms. Xibei Tianyu took a group photo with the audiences and the staff, to mark the wonderful occasion.

Note: Jiu You Hui (Jiuyousihai Management Consulting Co. Ltd.) is part of Jiuding Group(九鼎集团), one of the biggest financial institutions in China



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Nankai lecture - 南开大学演讲

Nankai lecture talk 1 300x209 - 南开大学演讲








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shoudujingmao - 首都经贸大学“创享课堂”—如何在新市场新环境中开展业务

shoudujingmao talk 1 300x200 - 首都经贸大学“创享课堂”—如何在新市场新环境中开展业务2017年11月8日,Marwan(马万)先生受邀前往首都经贸大学,为同学们带来主题为《如何在新市场新环境中开展业务》的讲座。作为拥有13年咨询经验的管理合伙人及创业导师,马万先生结合他8年的在华工作经历,分享他在中国创办公司的宝贵经验,以及如何处理跨境业务和理解不同文化背景下的商业行为差异。





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spain - 西班牙之行

friend in spain 1 225x300 - 西班牙之行马万先生受西班牙ESADE商学院和IESE商学院邀请,于国庆期间赴巴塞罗那与在校MBA学生分享交流商业理念。活动的主题涉及新公司的成立和目标市场的渗透,并着重探讨了中国市场。


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Nankai Lecture

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Nankai lecture - Nankai Lecture

Nankai lecture talk 300x209 - Nankai LectureINTO China and Nankai University invited Mr. Marwan Emile Faddoul, managing partner at Qadisha Consulting, to share his experience and insights on Chinese economy, penetrating new markets and M&A. The lecture was presented in front of students in business school.

With the overview background of the Chinese economy, Mr. Faddoul firstly sorted out the development of Chinese economy, and described the current situation from several angles. Besides, Mr. Faddoul analyzed the reasons of the rapid increase in Technology, Media and Telecommunication industry (TMT) by presenting the latest cases of mobile payment and sharing economy. Then, he indicated the enormous market and promising future in renewable energy.

After that, Mr. Faddoul introduced viable ways to start business and penetrate new markets, especially in China where he shared his own experience. He pointed out some crucial tips in terms of team management, legal environment and finance.

Within the final part of the lecture, Mr. Faddoul explained the development and trend of M&A in China and revealed the logic and reasons behind the situation. Combined with some typical cases, he formulated the reasons of its success and failure, and emphasized the procedures and main risks during M&A process. Then he put forward some specific recommendations about risk aversion and post-merger integration (PMI).

After the lecture, students raised some questions during the Q&A session and Mr. Faddoul gave them specific answers. Besides, he also made suggestions about career development.

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A trip to “Create and Enjoy Class” of CUEB—Key tips to establish your company and integrate your product / service in a new market

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shoudujingmao - A trip to “Create and Enjoy Class” of CUEB—Key tips to establish your company and integrate your product / service in a new market

shoudujingmao talk 300x200 - A trip to “Create and Enjoy Class” of CUEB—Key tips to establish your company and integrate your product / service in a new marketOn November 8, 2017, Marwan was invited to Capital University of Economics and Business to give a lecture named “Key tips to establish your company and integrate your product / service in a new market”. As a management partner with 13 years’ consulting experience and enterprise tutor, Marwan shared his valuable experience of establishing a company in China and how to deal with cross-border business in addition to understanding differences in business behavior under different cultural backgrounds.

First of all, Marwan explained the theme of the lecture: What are the main characteristics of an entrepreneur and how does an entrepreneur carry out his own business. Then, Marwan made a detailed explanation about how to prepare the business idea as well as when and how to launch the product to the market. At the same time, Marwan also explained the importance of innovation to adapt to the new market or environment and gave many feasible suggestions for these potential entrepreneurs. The lecture was relaxed and joyful. Marwan had a frequent interaction with the 300 students present. After the lecture, for a long time the students wouldn’t like to leave. They had a heated discussion with Marwan on the issue of their interest. They also expressed their hope of having an opportunity for internship in Qadisha Group and have a deeper communication with Marwan.

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Bussiness Trip to Spain

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spain - Bussiness Trip to Spain

friend in spain 225x300 - Bussiness Trip to SpainDuring the October 2017’s Chinese National Day, Marwan Emile Faddoul was invited by ESADE Business School and IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain, to exchange and share business ideas with MBA students. The topic of his lectures was entitled, Key tips to establish your company and integrate your product / service in a new market, especially the Chinese market.

During the lecture, participants showed great enthusiasm to know about the current situation in China and the opportunities that the market presents. Combined with his own experience, Marwan Emile shares ways to run a business in a new country and gave recommendations on what not to do to become a successful entrepreneur. During his session, Marwan Emile presented his company’s future plans and discussed the process of recruitment, for students who were interested to join Qadisha Group.