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Second trip of seeking future cooperation opportunity between MENA and China

MEVP and JD Group - Second trip of seeking future cooperation opportunity between MENA and China

In the year of 2018, the Chinese governors were working closely together with MENA countries to strengthen their bilateral relations on economy, business, energy and culture collaboration under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative. President Xi Jinping and Vice President Wang Qishan made UAE as their prior country for state visit in this year. This remarkable move indicates the willingness of Chinese government of enhancing its presence in the MENA region, and establishes Comprehensive Strategic Partnership with UAE.

In responding to the nation’s call, Qadisha Group held its second event on its China-MENA Integration Platform, inviting Mr. Rabih I. Khoury to take a 4-day visit in Tianjin and Beijing. Mr. Khoury is the Chief Exit Officer at MEVP, the largest VC firm in the MENA region. In May 2018, Mr. Khoury took part in Qadisha Group’s China-MENA event, during which he had an initial taste of China’s technology eco-system and entrepreneurship. This time, with a better and deeper understanding of China’s current demands and strategies, Mr. Khoury brings more mature proposals and addresses to Qadisha Group’s partners, including Tianjin Financial Investment and Service Group, CDB Capital FoF Management, Zhonglun Law Firm,  GGVCapital, JD Group, Source Code Capital, Orchid and Tuniu, aiming at offering more tailored solutions and guidance of entering the MENA market. During the conversation with these entities, Mr. Khoury gave a presentation on the overall information about MENA region, its population age structure, internet infrastructure and economy potentials, as well as MEVP’s portfolio, investment eco-system and main funding partners. Both parties exchanged ideas on how to facilitate Chinese companies’ expansion to the MENA market and how to build a fund which can help business owners from both China and MENA countries.

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